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17 May, 2020

Hello, fellow warcraft fans and players alike here we going and give some slight insight on what the game is going to bring to table below. Before we get started there is no planned date on when/if the game is going to be released and is currently in closed testing phase. My goal is to bring something sorta new to the current warcraft genre and players who can't get into mmo's due to this. I really hope you enjoy Nordend WoW and come to know and love it! In the coming months I will invite a few players to test the game and provide feedback. Those who participate will be awarded 50 gold and silver to use on the website for things such as increased bag space, ability to change race, faction, name and more. As a huge thank for helping improving the game.

Realm Info:

  • Dynamically increase your XP rates while leveling every ten levels gained all the way to 8x and the drop rates increased to 3x.
  • The ability to choose xp rate.
  • Dungeons/Raid/Open world scale towards player count/level.
  • Custom Advanced Anticheat.
  • Starting character money is 10 silver and includes four 8 slot bags.
  • Anti farming implemented to prevent gold farmers.
  • Dual/Instance Reset.
  • Cross Faction Battlegrounds.
  • Implemented vanilla pvp titles.
  • The ability to transmogrify gear in major citys.
  • Login time reward system implemented based on hourly playtime.
  • Phased dual to prevent players from interfering in dualing.
  • Open world free for all pvp and the ability to loot players money for total up to 5%.
  • The ability to automatically inquire new spells on levelup.
  • Auction house seller bot to help kick start the economy and improve soloplay.
  • Announce world boss on kill.
  • Legion Npc/Character/Mount Models, HD tile set, and cataclysm tree/water.
  • Random item enchant for loot, quest items, and more.
  • The ability to see/use account bound achievements & mounts.
  • Additional Battleground rewards for winning/losing teams.
  • The ability to speak to players of the same faction throughout the realm.
  • The ability to resurrect last waypoint of killed boss in a dungeon or raid after defeating a boss.


~Nordend Management.